• How to Make a Duct Tape Lunch Sack

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    After long last, I finally, finally got the YouTube video up for the Lunch Sack tutorial!  I also updated the step-by-step instructions while I was at it.  Have fun, people who have fun with duct-tape.  

    I started by making a *half strip checkerboard* (click the link to get to the post on how to make that checkerboard pattern!) that was twelve 14″ half-strips wide by twelve 14″ half-strips long.  Then I backed it with black and cut it in half the long way so I had two 6″ X12″ strips. Next, I joined them into a long continuous strip by taping the back seam with black and the front seam with clear.   You should now have one strip, 6 squares by 24 squares.

    If you go with a solid color or stripe, you could always just make a 6″x24″ piece and not bother to tape 2 sections together.  In a later post, I’ll demo how to make bags with a front and back panel, with the sides and bottoms in one strip, like the alligator bag shown here:  (Not the best pics.  Hmmm….maybe I’ll replace them later so I can portray the actual cuteness of this bag!)


    Moving on.  For the side panels, cut tw0 4″x6″ pieces of tape.  Measure a half inch on either side, and mark.  Cut from the mark to the far corner of the rectangle so it tapers from 3″ at one end to 4″ on the other.    Cover the back with tape, sticky sides together, and trim the 3″ end.  Then, cut around the other three sides, leaving a half-inch all the way around.  (Not shown in these pictures.)   Cut out the corners, as shown.

    Now take your checkered strip and count 8 down from one end.  Mark on both sides.  Count 4 more squares and mark again.  The second mark should line up at the spot where you joined the two strips together. This is *not* centered– remember you will have the top flap that has to go up and over the top of the bag.   

    This step is easier done than said! Check out the YouTube video to see this in action! ;)  All I’m doing is taping the side panel into place, starting from the bottom and working my way up, keeping it straight, lined up, square and neat.

    This is what it should look like once both panels are in, and it should stand on it’s own if you manage to keep it square.

    To finish of your seams, just take a half strip and tape it on the checker board, leaving half of it to fold over onto the side panel.  Repeat for all the ‘unfinished’ seams.

    All thats left is to make a handle and install a closure!  I chose to use my snap press from *kamsnaps.com* because I love the the thing!  Of course, you could use Velcro or a magnent to close the bag, but I like the snap.  It keeps it really secure, plus this way you can make your handle ‘snap’ onto your backpack!

    I’ll get more into snaps in a future post,  including why I chose to invest in a press vs. pliers from the craft store.

    Add your scraps to your duck-o ball; Pack your favorite lunch, and trot off to schrool!  Happy pulling, and wishing you wondermous grades, duck-os.

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