• Duct-Tape Alligator Puppet

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    (NOTE: I *know* it’s been a crazy amount of time since my last post. I’ve decided, though, that I’m okay with it. From now on, I’ll blog what I can and what I feel like when I can and when I feel like it. :) Don’t like it? Take it up with my gator!  I do appreciate all of my readers, and say THANK YOU in advance for your understanding and loyalty!)

    I was SO excited when the primary asked me to fill in and do music for the kids at my church last Sunday.  I knew I wanted to play one of my favorite games, so the hunt was on for my crocodile puppet I bought years and years ago.  I couldn’t find it! I finally asked my kids, and to my dismay they reminded me it was stolen a few years back. I was crushed.  It’s *really* hard to play the alligator game without the alligator.  What’s a girl to do?  Well, in true Duck-o fashion, I did the only think that made sense.  I made one out of duct-tape!

    Apart from the  cardboard I used for the mouth structure, (Hey now, don’t judge; I didn’t want the gator’s mouth flopping around) and the googly eyes, this baby is all tape.  It was originally going to be a full puppet, with the body of the gator extending along my arm, but I liked the look of just the head for my purposes.

    Maybe I’ll do a tutorial on puppets one of these days! I really enjoyed this one.  What do you think of it?

    Check out more photos on our facebook page! (And ‘like’ us while you’re there!)

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  • How to Make a Duct Tape Lunch Sack

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    After long last, I finally, finally got the YouTube video up for the Lunch Sack tutorial!  I also updated the step-by-step instructions while I was at it.  Have fun, people who have fun with duct-tape.  

    I started by making a *half strip checkerboard* (click the link to get to the post on how to make that checkerboard pattern!) that was twelve 14″ half-strips wide by twelve 14″ half-strips long.  Then I backed it with black and cut it in half the long way so I had two 6″ X12″ strips. Next, I joined them into a long continuous strip by taping the back seam with black and the front seam with clear.   You should now have one strip, 6 squares by 24 squares.

    If you go with a solid color or stripe, you could always just make a 6″x24″ piece and not bother to tape 2 sections together.  In a later post, I’ll demo how to make bags with a front and back panel, with the sides and bottoms in one strip, like the alligator bag shown here:  (Not the best pics.  Hmmm….maybe I’ll replace them later so I can portray the actual cuteness of this bag!)


    Moving on.  For the side panels, cut tw0 4″x6″ pieces of tape.  Measure a half inch on either side, and mark.  Cut from the mark to the far corner of the rectangle so it tapers from 3″ at one end to 4″ on the other.    Cover the back with tape, sticky sides together, and trim the 3″ end.  Then, cut around the other three sides, leaving a half-inch all the way around.  (Not shown in these pictures.)   Cut out the corners, as shown.

    Now take your checkered strip and count 8 down from one end.  Mark on both sides.  Count 4 more squares and mark again.  The second mark should line up at the spot where you joined the two strips together. This is *not* centered– remember you will have the top flap that has to go up and over the top of the bag.   

    This step is easier done than said! Check out the YouTube video to see this in action! ;)  All I’m doing is taping the side panel into place, starting from the bottom and working my way up, keeping it straight, lined up, square and neat.

    This is what it should look like once both panels are in, and it should stand on it’s own if you manage to keep it square.

    To finish of your seams, just take a half strip and tape it on the checker board, leaving half of it to fold over onto the side panel.  Repeat for all the ‘unfinished’ seams.

    All thats left is to make a handle and install a closure!  I chose to use my snap press from *kamsnaps.com* because I love the the thing!  Of course, you could use Velcro or a magnent to close the bag, but I like the snap.  It keeps it really secure, plus this way you can make your handle ‘snap’ onto your backpack!

    I’ll get more into snaps in a future post,  including why I chose to invest in a press vs. pliers from the craft store.

    Add your scraps to your duck-o ball; Pack your favorite lunch, and trot off to schrool!  Happy pulling, and wishing you wondermous grades, duck-os.

    Remember you can find us on *facebook* at facebook.com/duckos!



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  • Duct-Tape Primary/Preschool Aids

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    I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and have been asked to help with the CTR-4 class.  For those of you who are not members, that just means I teach the 4 and 5 year old boys and girls about Jesus for an hour each Sunday. I have made, and am in the process of making, a bunch of stuff to use for them.  Just thought I’d pass the ideas along in case you can use them!  These aids were made for Primary, but the concepts can be used in any preschool grouping.

    Since the first several lessons are based on “Choose The Right” , I thought I’d make a little visual aid for the song, “Choose the Right Way, ”  (Song can be found here)

    It’s a two sided so that you can hold up the “CTR” side when it says “Choose the right way” and flip it when it says, “and be happy!”  I plan on using this EVERY week since kids this age thrive on repetition.  It will be our class song!  

    I did the CTR Shield side first.  I just used the basic one out of the manual, sized it to about 5″ across, and then printed it out.  Then I covered the backside of the shield with tape to make a template. Then I cut the shield out, laid it over an 8″ square of blue, then traced the shield shape with a wet erase crayon.  Repeat, cutting out the shapes and letters, working from the outside in.  Do the “T” of the shield before the other two letters so that they are not too close together when you are backing them.  All of these basic steps I will demo in a video at some point!  :)  For now….good luck!  ahah!

    After the whole shield was done, I traced a #10 can around it to make my circle shape.  Then I backed it with about 6 layers of gray tape to make it thicker, sticky side up every time. I had a broken clothes hanger hanging around the house, so I reused a piece of it for my handle.  A ruler or tongue depressor would work just as well, but I like the round handle so I can roll it in my hands for fun flipping!  Whatever handle you choose, set it down the center of the shield and cover the back with yellow.  Cut out the circle and then add your smiley face to the yellow side.

    Now just cover both sides with clear tape.  Cut around the layers, leaving about a quarter inch all the way around.  Add your scraps to your duck-o ball, and you are done!

    Choose the right way!  And be happy!  :) :) :)

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  • How to Make a Duct-Tape Candy Cane Ornament or Pen/Pencil

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    Merry Christmas, Duck-os!  I’m super excited to post the next tutorial, because it’s easy, fast, cute, and uses hardly any tape.  All you need is a little bit of red, a little bit of white, and some medium weight wire. (plus a pen or mechanical pencil if you’re making one of those.)  You can get the wire at the hardware store, and hopefully you’ve got a little bit of red and white duct-tape laying around!  Happy Duck-orating, Duck-os!

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  • Hello Out There!

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    No, dear duck-o’s…I have not forgotten you!  I just am in the middle of *yet another* move; can you believe it?  This time I have gone from Alaska all the way to Florida!  I have lots of great duct-tape projects to post, but have to set up my camera, find my cutting mat, and find time to edit. All in good time….I’ve been duck-o-rating the Christmas tree and can’t wait to show the tutorials for the ornament.  First, though, I have to create them.  ahem.

    Hang in there, duck-os, and know that I will post the very second I can!  :D

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  • How to Make a Duct-Tape Fried Egg Halloween Costume

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    Halloween is a week away…do you have your costume yet?

    The duct-tape fried egg costume is a super-fast, super-cute, almost-award winning costume.  Start to finish, an “average taper” should be able to complete it in less than 2 hours. I made a matching BACON costume, but it’s not looking likely the tutorial will make it up before the big day.   

    Here’s the DUCT TAPE EGG HALLOWEEN COSTUME vid!  Enjoy!

    **Scroll down for supplies, sizing info, etc.**

    Costume Stats:


    4 rolls (20 yards/roll) WHITE

    1/2 (20 yards/roll) YELLOW  (Or green, if doing Green Eggs and Ham–just add a pig’s nose.  I like the Scotch brand “Green Apple”)



    10″ (or so) Salad Bowl

    Dry Erase Crayon (Can use wet-erase marker)


    Snap-press and snaps (Completely optional.  Can use Velcro, or even just tape, to secure straps.)


    Less than $20 and 2 hours.  Not bad!


    No problem!  Just make your yolk form from a smaller bowl (maybe large cereal or a 6″ salad bowl) and pull your  rectangles 18″ X 24″, unless your child is super tiny like mine, and then make it even smaller.  Just measure an “air rectangle” in the air space around your child and go with that.  If you need a physical guide, try holding up a large box of cereal to your kid and add or subtract accordingly.  You want plenty of clearance for trimming room.  The good news is you can go ahead and buy half the amount of white, since your fabric is quite a bit smaller!  Bonus!


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  • How to Make a Watermelon Duct-Tape Halloween Costume

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    (allow me a moment to brag shamelessly….)

    ***This Costume is now offically AWARD WINNING!  It won “Most Original” at a local Fall Festival.  This was one of only 3 category winners in the 0-9 age group out of more than 75 entries!  Go DUCK-O!***

    The first time I did this costume, it was *not* in duct tape.  (gasp)  How could it be? Simple. It was when my now 12 year old (pictured in the Pizza Halloween Costume) was the same size as her little sister, and was long before I had found the joy of tape.  Instead, I made it from felt.  Naturally, it turned out adorable (this is me we’re talking about, here) but it was anything but the easy-breezy process of making it out of duct tape.  Each seed had to be  meticulously cut out and appliqued with a satin stitch because I’m just that picky.  And to get the watermelon to stay in the shape of a wedge, I had to sew panels in at the bottom which is trickier than you might think.  Not to mention the pain of getting my green and white strips to line up and look right.  Hours of frustration later, I had a world class cutie on my hands.  (She insisted on wearing Dracula fangs so she could be “Scary Watermelon”.  Spooky!)

    This one took me 45 minutes, start to finish, and (shocker) I like it way better.  (The shine, the brightness, the fact that it smells like tape…)  I know, I know, I’m a master at tape (thanks for noticing), but I think for the average casual taper it wouldn’t take longer than an hour, maybe an hour and a half at the most to make.  I hope you will!

    (Scroll down to figure out how much tape you’ll need and tips for figuring out how big to layout your “fabric”)

    Costume Stats:


    2 rolls (15 yards/roll) PINK

    1/2 (ish)  roll  (15 yards/roll) GREEN

    a tad of WHITE

    Some BLACK


    Dry Erase Crayons (Can use wet-erase markers)

    Xacto Knife


    Clear Ruler

    A headband to shape neck (Could easily use anything round…like a cereal bowl)

    Snap-press and snaps (Completely optional.  Can use Velcro, or even just pink tape, to secure straps.)


    $15 tops, and that’s if you buy all four of tape colors new.  Good luck finding a costume for less!   


    First, measure your child’s shoulders.  Subtract 4 inches to give you the total inside width of your neck hole at the top. (My toddler’s shoulders were about 11″, so I left 7″.  When it was all said and done, after I’d drafted the straps, the costume was 10″ wide)

    Next, to get the length, measure from your child’s shoulder to about the knee.  It will shorten some when you put the straps on.

    Then, for the width, subtract 6″ or so so you have some “angling” room.  It’s not an exact science, by any means.  As a rule, if you’ve heard of your finished length and width in a picture or poster size, you’re probably okay.  (Mine was 18″ by 24″)






  • CONTEST! Duct-Tape Pizza Halloween Costume

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    ****We Have a Winner!  Thanks for entering, everybody, and if you didn’t win….no worries!  You can just make one yourself!****

    We hit more than 50 fans on facebook, so we’re having a contest!  Here’s what YOU, my loyal duck-os can win:  Yes, a fantabulous, One Size Fits All (excluding toddlers) Duct-Tape Pizza Halloween Costume!  (Click the link to get to the tutorial)

    Here’s how it’s going to work.  For each list item you complete, leave a comment on THIS blogpost.  You must leave a SEPERATE comment for each one you complete, because I have a a handy-dandy plugin that will choose a comment at random.  Please be honest; I will be checking out the winner to look for any obvious cheating, but honor system has to be in play for some of these.  If your comment is chosen, I will announce it on the facebook page as well as the blog requesting you to email me with your address so I can mail you the costume!

    Here are the ways to qualify a comment entry:

    1) My Fabulous First Fifty get an automatic extra. (Put “Fabulous First Fifty in your comment).  These are the first 50 duck-os that “liked” artduck-o on facebook!

    2) Be (0r become) a fan on  facebook.  (Put “Facebook Fan” in your comment).  Fabulous First Fifty also qualify for this one.

    3) Leave a comment (three word minimum) on the Pizza Costume post. (Put “Comment” in your comment.)  Only one comment will count for a qualifier, although, of course you may leave more than one! :)

    4) Share the love!  For every different place you share the post (facebook, twitter, pinterest, google) you may leave a comment! (Put the word “Share” -along with where you shared-in your comment, i.e. “Share Facebook”)

    5) Watch the Pizza Costume tutorial on YouTube and leave a 3 word minimum comment (Put “YouTube” in your comment).  Only the first comment on the video counts.

    6) Be a Subscriber on the artducko YouTube channel (Put “Subscribe” in your comment).  If you are already a subscriber, you qualify.  If you’re not, subscribe and get that qualifier!

    7) Comment on the YouTube channel page (Put “Channel Comment” in your comment) Only the first comment on the channel counts.

    Thats it!  The contest will end on September 21.  Good luck, and happy pulling, Duck-os!

  • Duct-Tape Pizza Halloween Costume

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    Hey!  Check out this guy who dressed up as a slice of pizza to spread the word about his diet.  His All Pizza Diet!  Kids these days… ;)

    **Scroll down to bottom of post for techniques, tips, and supplies**

    It’s almost here, it’s almost here! We might as well face it, duck-os.  Halloween is the best time of year.  What can beat dressing up and eating candy?  Only one thing:  Dressing up in duct-tape and eating candy!

    Halloween will always be a special time for me, because it was 3 years ago, just 3 months after being run over by a car, that I discovered the joy of duct tape.  I was standing at a big-box store, barely able to move, staring blankly at the cheap (if by “cheap” I mean quality, not price!) rows of Halloween costumes.  Never once have I purchased a Halloween costume either for myself or for my kids.  I took a deep breath, took a witch costume off the shelf and put it into my cart.  I quickly walked away before I could change my mind.  

    I only made it about 4 aisles before I turned my cart around and put it right back on the shelf.

    I couldn’t do it duck-os, I just couldn’t do it.  I went home that night and pondered the problem.  I knew I couldn’t sew anything; I was in way too bad of shape for that.  But I had made my daughter a pump pouch for her diabetes out of tape…that was my answer!

    The rest, as they say, is history.  That was the year I made the Pop Rocks, LifeSavers, Candy Corn, and Peppermint costumes.  Since then, my kids have donned tape every October 31.

    Now I make *everything* out of tape.  But my favorite will always be costumes.  So, enjoy, duck-os.  I hope you try some costumes out of tape, and I hope you snap some pictures!  You never know; we may have some sort of costume photo contest!  That could be fun…but I digress.

    I give you….HALLOWEEN!!



    Striped Double-Fold Handle/Strap

    Costume Stats:


    2 rolls (20 yards/roll) RED–for the base of the pizza and for pepperoni

    2 rolls (20 yards/roll) TAN–for the back of the pizza, the straps,  and to cover the crust 

    1 roll (20 yards/roll) WHITE–for the cheese

    Some BLACK tape–for olives

    Some MAROON tape–for the contrast on the pepporoni

    Some YELLOW tape–for the pineapple


    Foam Pipe Insulation (find it in the hardware store in the plumbing section)

    Dry Erase Crayons (Can use wet-erase markers)

    Xacto Knife


    Clear Ruler Lengthened with a Piece of Tape (Can use yardstick)

    8″ Round Dinner Plate (Can use large compass–available at the hardware store)

    Unopened Roll of Duct-tape

    Random Bottle of Rubber Cement (Can use any small circle–spice bottle, small cup, etc.)

    Snap-press and snaps (Completely optional.  Can just use tape to secure straps)

    Double sided duct-tape


    3 Pepperonis

    7 Olives

    5 Pineapple Tidbits


    Right around $25, or about the cost of a “cheap” witch costume off the rack


    Use gray instead of tan for the back of the crust.  It won’t show much, and we all know that gray is the cheapest kind.  You could also use tan for the back instead of making it double sided like I did, which also cuts out half your toppings and cheese.

  • Just one more duck-o!

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    Okay, listen up.  I am just one duck-o away from my First Fabulous Fifty on the facebookfan page.  And I need that one last duck-o.  Because 49 ain’t 50.  And 50 is the number I have in my head for my group.  And since that’s the number I have in my head and I tend to be a little…um….controlled by numbers, 50 it must be.

    I’m prepared to bribe you.  We hit 50, I do a contest.

    Winner gets pizza ala Tape.

    Video Post on Tuesday, no matter what.

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